Observation and Imagination

portrait human studio

I am intrigued and amazed by things I see in everyday life; my work is inspired by my ordinary experience, which I record by sketching or with photographs. I combine images on the computer and in my mind – the resulting pictures, being a fusion of observation and imagination, often give me a greater insight into my feelings, and also provide me with a means to communicate my discoveries from the life I inhabit.

I am a mixed media artist, I produce finished pieces as drawings, paintings, photographs, digital images and 3D work. My work predominantly involves working with paper in some way, including using paper pulp for 3D creations. I enjoy bringing the various aspects of my work together to produce a collection which might inspire the viewer to give more attention to observation in their own daily life. I am interested in drawing techniques and exercises which are an aid to expression, free the creative brain and build a trust in the drawing hand.

Free Download

4page d

The three images shown on this page are free to download and can be printed onto an A4 sheet which will fold to make a four page zine. I like to utilize zines, usually eight page, to hand out at my exhibitions and workshops. My zines are tailor made to particular events – they change and evolve alongside my work.